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Good plans and well drafted documents are important. When a will is being probated the document and the circumstances under which it was executed comes under closer scrutiny. No matter how effective the drafting no one can predict what others will do in the future and unfortunately, situations arise where family and beneficiary disputes result in estate litigation.

Issues that can result in a challenge include:

  • Incapacity — The testator was incapacitated by illness, drugs, alcohol or some other factor that prevented him or her from fully understanding what he or she was executing.
  • Undue influence or fraud— Family members and friends can sometimes use their relationship with the testator to persuade him or her to make decisions that seem questionable or make false statements to mislead the testator.
  • Invalidity — Wills need to meet some basic but very specific rules to be enforceable.

We have experience in representing clients in many aspects of estate litigation, such as will contests and other types of fiduciary litigation.

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