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Accomplished Lawyers Handle Real Estate Transactions and Disputes

Experienced counsel for residential and commercial matters in Central New Jersey

Real estate deals and disagreements can be complicated. For more than a decade, Wisniewski & Associates, LLC® has skillfully represented residents, businesses and government officials in real estate transactions and disputes. With more than many years’ of combined experience, our attorneys are prepared to protect your interests and provide effective counsel concerning residential home sale transactions, real estate closings, boundary and easement disputes, landlord-tenant disputes, and land-use, zoning and permitting resolutions. No matter how straightforward or complex the issue, we are committed to helping you find a solution.

Knowledgeable real estate attorneys assist with residential home sales and closings

Buying or selling your home is a major decision. We can help you understand and complete the required steps to close the deal with as little stress as possible. We have extensive experience handling all aspects of residential real estate transactions, including:

  • Purchase contracts — The purchase contract sets out the rights and duties of both the buyer and seller. We review these agreements to make sure they represent our clients’ interests and that the terms are clear. We will make changes if necessary to protect your rights and avoid potential confusion.
  • Inspections — If you are buying a home, we can help you obtain an inspection by a licensed New Jersey home inspector, review the report, and request repairs or credits from the seller, within the allotted time frame. If you are selling a home, we can help you negotiate with the buyer following an inspection.
  • Mortgage commitments — We help clients seek favorable terms from lenders and obtain mortgage commitment letters in a timely manner, so they don’t risk losing their money.
  • Closing — We make sure the final exchange of documents and funds goes as planned.

You can count on us to provide sound advice and personalized attention during the entire residential real estate process. We will be available to answer your questions and resolve any issues, always looking out for your interests. Our goal is for your home buying or selling experience to go smoothly — from the initial offer to closing.

Prominent litigators resolve real estate disputes for Central New Jersey clients

If you need help settling a real estate matter, our attorneys will take appropriate legal action to seek a positive resolution. Some of the more common situations we handle include:

  • Landlord-tenant disagreements — New Jersey law assigns certain duties to landlords and affords tenants certain protections. We help landlords and tenants understand their rights and obligations and pursue available remedies when disputes arise.
  • Boundary and easement disputes — Sometimes neighbors fight about fence lines or tree growth or find themselves at odds over inaccurate deed descriptions. Property owners may also be unclear about their rights and obligations with regard to an easement, which grants a person or entity permission to use someone else’s land. You can rely on our litigation skills and knowledge of state laws and local ordinances to settle these disagreements.
  • Land-use, zoning and permitting issues — We assist developers with all phases of the land-use approval process, including the resolution of disputes involving zoning and permitting. We can help you seek a variance, appeal a zoning board decision, or take other strategic action to get your project off the ground.

While we cannot guarantee results in any case, our attorneys know how to win lawsuits and are often successful in mediation and arbitration. If you have a potential claim or have been hit with a lawsuit, do not delay in scheduling a free consultation with our firm.

Contact a skilled real estate attorney for a free initial consultation

Let Wisniewski & Associates, LLC® put more than four decades of combined experience to work for you in your property matter. We are dedicated to representing your interests in any type of Central New Jersey real estate transaction or dispute. To request a meeting with a reputable real estate attorney, please call 732-387-5751 or contact us online.

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